How to Practice and Develop in the Esports Field



Currently, the most popular profession in several developing countries is being an esports player. For those who don’t know, the esports field is a field that gathers professional players in several genres who will later be made into a team to take part in big tournaments and have the opportunity to win. . If you are interested in this field. Below we will provide useful tips for practicing and developing in the esports field.

  1. Game Selection

Before you decide to enter the esports field, it would be a good idea to choose a game that you want to master. The decision in choosing a game must be determined from the start, because several game genres clearly have different game mechanisms. Make sure that the game you choose will be able to be mastered and has the potential to be popular in the next few years.

  1. Determine consistent exercise

When you do something you want to achieve, of course you have to have consistency, if you fail you have to be ready to always repeat until you succeed, just like in the esports field, defeats in playing and practicing must always be used as a lesson and also a reminder when starting the game again. Consistent exercise over several days is ideal or over several days per week.

  1. Using the Right Gaming Tools

If you want to work in the esports field, make sure you have equipment or gaming gear that is capable, and also of good quality, it doesn’t need to be expensive, the important thing is the quality of the games you play. Having qualified tools will make it easy to achieve your dream of becoming a professional esports player

  1. Always update technological developments

If you always play online games, don’t forget not to miss updating what’s on your device, this is to reduce the occurrence of bugs when you play. Such as updating devices, game updates, game features and other things that may be needed.

  1. Adapt

One of the skills that is also important in the esports field is adapting to new strategies. If you play and feel that the strategy is no longer effective, you have to change your strategy to a better one.

  1. Establish relationships with more professional people

If you have entered the esports field, you will get to know more people widely, make sure you build good relationships so you can use them as insights and references in building a professional network.

  1. Have Effective Time Management

Don’t underestimate having effective time management, this will easily help you organize your life, have time to play, maybe have a side job, family and partner. There is a division of time so that you don’t get stressed in one area, and there is a place to channel your stories.

  1. Train and Develop Mental Health

The importance of developing and training mental health is to train you when you are in a game competition, such as playing slot online games, you will have a lot of stress levels if you experience defeat and cannot organize a strategy. Exercising and managing stress levels can strengthen your mentality.

  1. Study Strategy and Meta Game

Every game has a “meta” or strategy that is most effective at any given time. Understanding and following the meta game is critical to remaining competitive. Read guides, watch videos from professional players, and participate in community discussions to keep your knowledge up to date. Professional game analysis can also provide valuable insight into effective strategies.

  1. Join Communities and Teams

Esports is not only about individual ability but also about teamwork. Join the gaming community and find a team that suits your playing style. Participation in amateur tournaments is a great way to gain experience and become known in the community. Good communication and coordination with the team will increase the chances of success.

  1. Maintain physical and mental health

Even though esports is a digital sport, physical and mental health are still very important. A light exercise routine, adequate rest, and a healthy diet can improve focus and game performance. In addition, maintaining mental health by avoiding excessive stress and having time for relaxation is very important in the long term.

  1. Analyze and Evaluate the Game

Game analysis is an important part of the learning process. Rewatch your own game to identify mistakes and areas for improvement. Use analysis tools if available and ask for input from other players or coaches to get different perspectives.

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